The EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030

The EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 is a long-term plan to protect nature and reverse ecosystem degradation. The strategy aims to put Europe’s biodiversity on a recovery pathway by 2030 and includes specific actions and commitments.

Biodiversity concerns need to be better integrated into public and economic decision-making processes at all levels. Building on previous work, the Commission is developing methods, criteria and standards to describe the essential characteristics of biodiversity, its services, values and sustainable use.
This includes measuring the ecological footprint of products and organisations’ including the application of life cycle approaches and natural capital accounting. In this context, the EU Commission supports the establishment of an international initiative on natural capital accounting.

The EU Commission promotes systems of taxation and pricing that reflect environmental costs, including the costs of biodiversity loss. The aim is to encourage changes in national tax systems to shift the tax burden from labour to factors such as pollution, underpriced resources and other environmental externalities.